Danielle Earl Photography | Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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One of my assignments for Commercial Class

Another photo for Commercial


Hello all! 

Who is excited for Christmas break? I know I've been thoroughly enjoying mine so far! 

I finished up my exams last Tuesday, after a stressful morning of almost missing my exam - thank you to my lovely friend Sarah for texting me as the exam was starting, asking me if I was going to show up. I've never gotten ready so fast in my life. Anyway, I did reasonably well on in, considering I was in a full blown panic. So far all my final marks have been good - I'm just waiting on my English mark, but I'm confident that it will be up to par. Which means, barring a horrible english grade, I will have made honour roll in my first semester of college! 

But enough about school. I'm already dreading going back in January. Though I'm extremely excited for Nationals, which start the week after second semester starts! I get to take pictures again! Yay! 

On the sadder side of that news however is the announcement of the withdrawal of Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje due to Kaitlyn breaking her fibula in training earlier this week. Very sad news and I wish her a speedy recovery. I look forward to seeing them next year at Nationals in Ottawa! In other sad news, Mervin Tran and Narumi Takahashi (2012 World Bronze Medallists) announced that their partnership was over. I will also miss watching these two compete. A very sad day in Canadian/Japanese figure skating indeed. 

But on to brighter news! This week marks the last week of school for my sister - I'm sure she's excited about that! This week also is the lead up to KWSC's annual club competition, Freeskate Festival, for which I am the official photographer! I always attend this event - I even skated in it back in 2005-2008. The usual photographer the club hires for this event retired this year, so I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take his spot! I always photograph the event for myself and for practice, but it is exciting that I now get to share my photos with others as well! 

Since it appears that I only blog once a month, I would like to make this post a little bit of a 2012 Recap to show the growth of myself and Danielle Earl Photography. Before I do that however, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me this year and every year before that. My mom, without whom I could not even think about this business running the way it has. Laura Mueller - my best friend and trusty second photographer/desk lady (my jack of all trades). Matt and Laura D'Asti - my employers for 4 years who gave me the chance to work for them at when I was 15. The Pairs moms at KWSC for letting me take pictures of their children and supporting me when doing so: Alexia Beharry, Sherry Towers, Stacy Rau, Rose Orr, Sharon Furiano, Jill Simpson, Joanne French, Maryanne Steele and Linda Moscovitch. Thanks to Paul Mallet, KWSC's president for letting me hang around and supporting me and giving me great business advice. Skate Canada, WOS, COS and EOS - thanks for choosing me to photograph your events. Hilary Camilleri for boosting my confidence and being such a great friend and mentor as well as an amazing photographer - you inspire me every day to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to talking to customers and photographing outside the skating world. Thanks to all the people on Tumblr and the Forums who make me feel appreciated. Huge thanks also goes out to the skaters - if it weren't for YOU, I would probably be trying to become a doctor right now. I hope you have the happiest holidays and a magnificent new year! I can't wait to see you all in the new year! 


January - Bought my Sigma lens, I had the privilege of attending Nationals in Moncton as an accredited photographer, graduated from High School

February - I turned 19! 

March - KWSC Showcase & Guelph Ice Show, Registered Danielle Earl Photography as an official business, I left my second semester of 5th year.

April - Was pretty boring for me

May - Margaret Garrison Ice Show, Accept my offer of admission to Humber College for Creative Photography, bought my Nikon D3s

June - Photographed BCI Prom

July - Travelled to Detroit with the Germanns, travelled to Indy with the Pairs 

August - Photographed Thornhill Summer Skate with Justine, packed up my life & moved to Etobicoke for school

September - Isabelle Henderson, mostly a lot of school 

October - Midterms 

November - Sectionals, KIS Invitational, John McKay

December - Special Olympics, Skates Alive, Exams, accidentally destroyed a laptop - minor setback, Freeskate Festival

And that's pretty much my year. I've been extremely busy and don't regret taking one single job! It will make my business better. I know it.

Again, thank you all for supporting me through the past few years. I hope that every one has the very best 2013 imaginable. Stay safe and happy and healthy my friends!

-Danielle xoxo 



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