Danielle Earl Photography | The Team

As you may (or may not) know. It is very hard to photograph a skating competition with only one photographer. For one, there are usually two rinks (and I don't know about you but I have yet to figure out how to clone myself) and also, the hours are long (14+ hour days) and it seems cruel and unusual to make someone stand in an arena that long with very little time for breaks. I would not have the success I have had of the past few years without the help of my amazing team of photographers, desk managers and personal cheerleaders. Here are the members of the Danielle Earl Photography team who may not get a lot of recognition, but many of you would not have the photos you have without them! 

Meet Danielle Earl 

Danielle is the owner and main photographer of Danielle Earl Photography. You can read more about her on the about page of this website.





Meet Laura Mueller

Laura Mueller is a photographer at Danielle Earl Photography. She has been photographing skating competitions for a year and a half and has been with Danielle Earl Photography since before it's inception. She is Danielle Earl's best friend and best cheerleader. At competitions you can find Laura behind the camera, often in a neon coloured sweater. You can also find her manning the desk on her breaks and making Danielle laugh. Outside of photography, Laura is training to become an Educational Assistant. 



Meet Irene Earl 

Irene Earl is does it all. She is Danielle Earl's mother and biggest fan. She does everything from managing the desk during competitions to managing the budget and doing the accounting. She is also our resident linguist and is a huge help with French speaking customers. Danielle Earl Photography would not be half as successful without Irene and we would like to thank her for everything she does to make this business so successful. Outside of keeping Danielle Earl Photography running, Irene is a Senior Risk Analyst at Manulife Financial. 



Meet Kris Germann 

Kris is also a photographer at Danielle Earl Photography. He has been photographing with the company since February 2013. He is a great addition to the the Danielle Earl Photography team. At competitions you will see him behind the camera often with just a sweater and no mitts - he is hardcore like that! Kris is a great and positive asset to our team. He never complains about the cold and is aways lending a helping hand at the desk on his breaks. Outside of photography, Kris works with computers. He is our resident tech guy as well!