Meet the Danielle Earl Event Media Team

Danielle Earl 

Danielle is the Owner, Editor in Chief, and head photographer of Danielle Earl Event Media. She has been photographing figure skating since 2007 and has spent the last 10+ years owning and operating Danielle Earl Event Media, as well as her freelance business, Danielle Earl Photography. Danielle covers many major international figure skating events each season, including the ISU Grand Prix Final, ISU World Championships, ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, as well as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Irene Earl 

Irene Earl is the Chief Operating Officer of Danielle Earl Event Media. She runs the day to day of the company and is in change of our customer service department as well scheduling and booking events. She has been with Danielle Earl Event Media since its inception and loves to share her love of skating with our clients. 

Emma Fritz

Emma is the Office Manager at Danielle Earl Photography. She makes sure everything in the office is running smoothly and is in charge of order fulfillment. Emma has recently taken on a digital media content creation role. 

Paul Gagne

Paul is our accountant and IT manager. When he's not balancing the books, he enjoys attending events as our customer service lead. 

Other Team Members

Pierre Gagne - Customer Service

Maddie Germann - Customer Service

Alanna Gujarati - Customer Service

Emily Klymchiew - Photographer

Chris Schnedler - Photographer

Joren Romaniuk - Photographer

Sophie Masson - Photographer

Kameron Jeromkin - Photographer

Esther van Galen - Photographer

Rebecca Drimmie - Photographer

Hillary Embro - Photographer

Matthew Kreft - Photographer